03May, 2017

Protection for Business Data in the Cloud with AWS

“The attack  didn’t seem to make a dent on Amazon.com, which is not surprising, considering Amazon’s network infrastructure”, said Paul Mutton, a security analyst at U.K. referring to cyber attack by the hacker group Anonymous. The latter gives us a taste about data protection in the cloud with AWS. There is this question whether businesses should trust the cloud better than the ‘old fashion’ servers. […]

25Apr, 2017

Cloud for Business Applications, Advantages of AWS

The Global IT Infrastructure Leader at Kellogs, Salvador Millan, refers to a strategy for his renowned company adopted in 2013 “containing elements of agility, innovation and cost effectiveness […] to win in the marketplace”. Actually, he is referring to some key computing services provided by AWS cloud for business applications of this competitive company. These services are based on Global Infrastructure, Speed on Marketing, Secure […]

20Apr, 2017

Cloud Services, Key to Optimize Operations in Your Business

  Moving part of your business to the cloud is a big optimization and productivity step. Company owners and managers’ bread-and-butter is reducing costs, create real-time statistics out of huge databases, tackling proprietary software, tracking progress of employees, accelerate operational performance, and remote accounting update and access, just to mention a few of which the cloud services can handle for you. Reduce expenses and improve […]