25Apr, 2017

Cloud for Business Applications, Advantages of AWS

The Global IT Infrastructure Leader at Kellogs, Salvador Millan, refers to a strategy for his renowned company adopted in 2013 “containing elements of agility, innovation and cost effectiveness […] to win in the marketplace”. Actually, he is referring to some key computing services provided by AWS cloud for business applications of this competitive company. These services are based on Global Infrastructure, Speed on Marketing, Secure Environment, and Wide Ecosystem, four AWS pillars to boost business applications in the cloud.

The Global Infrastructure on the AWS cloud enhances more than just agility

There is more tolerance to failure with AWS’s 42 availability zones in 16 geographical regions. These geographical regions are located in the four main continents. This means that your company will have more stable and constant access to data, as well as lower latency than services provided by smaller cloud companies. Moreover, it helps comply with domestic law requisites regarding the “physical” location of data.

AWS can provide your business marketing with some automation and speed

A few of the most relevant products for business are storage, database, data analysis, mobile networks and management tools. In the IT world, it has become a rule of thumb to trust more the cloud than physical servers to store data because it is more scalable and secure. With regards to data analysis, AWS encompasses all set of services in the analysis chain from data warehouse and transmissions processing to the organization of the data workflow.

Secure your data with Amazon cloud while keeping compliance with standards

With AWS, data protection, security standards compliance, costs savings, and scalability are at the same level along with security for your business application. Amazon cloud’s infrastructure has set powerful security measures like data centers to protect the client’s’ privacy. In addition, the services include a chain of standardized programs which guarantee compliance with your general and security structure.

Business applications find wide support due to Amazon cloud partner program

The growth of AWS is due not only to their expertise and capabilities. They have also implemented a partner program which have allowed them to provide support to more varieties of business applications. The greater their ecosystem, the higher the coverage, and we all have an idea of the current size of AWS cloud for business.

Amazon cloud services is not the only provider currently in the market. Some others even offer very specific service line for business applications. But taking into account their strong pillars, and as said by some Directors and Vice Presidents of renowned companies or smaller ones like Dole, “It’s one of those great combinations of reliability and cost”.

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