20Apr, 2017

Cloud Services, Key to Optimize Operations in Your Business


Moving part of your business to the cloud is a big optimization and productivity step. Company owners and managers’ bread-and-butter is reducing costs, create real-time statistics out of huge databases, tackling proprietary software, tracking progress of employees, accelerate operational performance, and remote accounting update and access, just to mention a few of which the cloud services can handle for you.

Reduce expenses and improve profitability with the cloud

Opposed to common thought, placing services in the cloud cuts costs without affecting productivity. Most businesses use servers to store information and run their applications which also require specialized software with their corresponding licensing fees, maintenance and updates. In many occasions, these payments become major costs than if you hired cloud services.

Turn big data into statistics on demand with AWS cloud

Companies need to store and process big databases, but this is just the beginning if we bear in mind the need to obtain statistics out of these data and even better, if these statistics are created and provided on demand to the end user. Along with this, known companies such as Kellogs, Dole and MLBAM have implemented Amazon’s cloud services. For instance, MLBAM relied on AWS in the cloud to create Stat cast, a unique service for mobile devices such as cell phones, play stations, tablets, etc., to provide real-time statistics and animated graphs on demand during the broadcast or streaming of baseball games. Now, amateur user as well as experts count on precise data either for personal reference or even to design a professional training approach.

Rely on the cloud to save time, money and effort on software design

Your business doesn’t need a big budget, struggling with software design, or much effort quoting software development companies for your specific need. For example, the trademark Microworks offers cloud-based POS for pizza delivery or a restaurant. While others like Magento offer complete ecommerce solutions with cloud services.

Improve how you monitor your employees

Monitoring the activity of your employees can also be handled from the cloud. Teramind for operating systems above Windows 7 will keep track of video views, web site addresses, applications, email, file transfer, printing and keystrokes and much more including a system for smart rules and automated alerts. While others like Activetrack can monitor employees’ computers and store a set of information in the cloud.

Cloud services to handle Key Performance Indicators

Amazon cloud services integrate monitoring over operational and service areas for managers to execute supervision. This cloud service giant also provides trend statistics and graphs on operational performance so they can be compared to the standard established by the Management Board, for instance. These statistics can also prove the performance of your IT infrastructure, their maintenance cost and material waste which affect profitability and efficiency.

Keep your finances available anywhere, anytime in the cloud

Businesses go through re-evaluation, reviewing tax payments and cleaning up the business finances. But the cloud services may help you save the hard work. Some examples are Freshbooks, Quickbooks and Kashoo. They allow you to have access to your accounting from multiple mobile devices and frameworks such as apps or Web. In addition, they integrate bank accounts, invoices, credit cards. Furthermore, your accountant can keep track of your business data anytime.

Cloud based services could be the definite solution to start, grow and keep your business running while reducing costs. It not only saves you time and effort on software design or allows you to monitor your employee’s and accounting, it has become a tool to integrate so many other services already available which enhance competitiveness.


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  • Hector

    20 Apr, 2017

    What about the risk of store private Company financial/customer/operational data on 3rd party Servers?… is that a big issue when you chose a Cloud solution for ERP, CRM applications..

    • opensols

      22 Apr, 2017

      Yes Hector that’s big issue, therefore when we are evaluating potential providers of cloud-based services is a very important issue to keep in mind.
      We have to make sure strong confidentiality agreements; and other hand we have to choose a cloud provider with many controls for minimizing that issue. For example Amazon AWS, by far the biggest public cloud platform provider with more than a million active customers a month, has more than 1,800 security controls governing its services.On AWS customers can choose to control their own encryption keys if they wish, he says, as well as set the rules for who can and can’t access the data or applications.

      We can analyze too, what Amichai Shulman said:
      “Most of the major data breaches that have taken place over the last five years, from Sony to Ashley Madison, TalkTalk to Target, have been from internal, not cloud-based, databases, says Amichai Shulman, chief technology officer of cybersecurity firm, Imperva”.

      I think financial data are the most critical for moving to the cloud, however in 2015, 2016 and 2017, US bank Capital One said it was reducing the number of its own data centres from eight to three by 2018 and moving a lot of its processes and product development to AWS.

      In summary we need to choose a good provider like AWS and good implementator like OpenSols for making sure us to be calm.

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